Blacklisted, Barred or Blocked iPhones – Help and Information }

Blacklisted iPhones

Black Listed, Barred or Blocked iPhones – Help and Information

If you have an iPhone which is giving a no signal/no service icon no matter what SIM card is inserted then there is a very good chance the phone has been blacklisted or barred by the network provider.

If you have purchased a phone with this problem, the first thing to do is to return it to the seller for a full refund. Luckily if you have purchased though eBay or Amazon their buyer protection programs are very good and in most cases you will be able to get your money back quickly.

If you are unable to return the phone to the seller then it is always worth checking that the no service icon is actually down to the phone being blacklisted, if your phone has developed a signal antenna fault, or simular hardware fault then this will also result in your phone displaying a no service icon.

If you would like to run a report on your phone to see if it has been blacklisted then please fill out your details below and our report will tell you if the device has been blacklisted and by what network provider, you will then be able to contact the network provider directly to discus your options.

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