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iPad (All Models) Unlocking

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What Do I Receive?

iPhone and iPad unlocks are done by whitelisting your devices IMEI on Apples database and then unlocked through iTunes, as such no code is required.

When the unlock is complete we will send you a confirmation email, all you need to do then is follow the unlocking instructions below. 

How to Unlock the iPad (All Models)

IMPORTANT – Activation Lock

If your iPad has an Activation Lock enabled and you do not know your, or the previous owners iCloud email and password then you will not be able to unlock your device and no refund will be given in this instance if you order our service.

If you are unsure if your device has the Activation Lock enabled you can check by entering your IMEI on Apples website:

Unlocking Your Device

Once you have received our "unlocked" confirmation email please follow the below steps:

- Ensure you are using the latest version of iTunes – if it asks you to update when you open the software please do this first.

- Check your device has the latest iOS software, that can be checked by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

- Using a non accepted SIM card connect your device to iTunes and wait for it to be recognised. 

- Once its recognised disconnect the device for 10 seconds and then reconnect.

- You should now have a message in iTunes stating your device has been unlocked and it will be ready to use on any network.

Our Unlocking Service Key Points:

- We guarantee to unlock your device or your money back.

- Your device IMEI is whitelisted with Apple, meaning no loss of warranty and no fear of re-locking during a future update.

- Continue to use your device while the unlocking process is being completed.