General Alcatel Unlocking Instructions

The unlocking procedure for Alcatel mobile phones and tablets is very straight forward and once you have the unlocking code the process takes minutes to complete.

This unlocking method works for all Alcatel phones such as the following:

Alcatel 3X
Alcatel 1X
Alcatel 3
Alcatel 1V
Alcatel 1S
Alcatel 1B
Alcatel 1S
Alcatel 1V
Alcatel 1C
Alcatel 3L
Alcatel 3C
Alcatel 5V
Alcatel 5

Firstly we recommend checking the Alcatel device is actually locked, you can do this by simply inserting the SIM card from your chosen network provider and powering on the device. When the phone loads up you will get a popup message saying “SIM Unlock code” or “Enter Network Key” if the device is locked.

If you have established a Alcatel Unlocking code is required you can order one from our website WWW.SIMPLYUNLOCKED.CO.UK and you will be emailed a unlocking code normally within 24 hours.

Next follow the below instructions:

There are two methods to unlock your Alcatel mobile phone.

Method 1

1) Start the with an UNACCEPTED SIM Card inserted (unaccepted means a sim card from a different network).

2) Message “Enter Network Key” will appear, now enter the Unlock Code provided by email.

3) The phone will now be unlocked.

Method 2

1) Start your Alcatel on WITHOUT ANY SIM CARD INSERTED

2) On the dialling screen enter the following sequence:


3) To complete the unlocking process enter, again on the dealing screen the following sequence:


4) Your phone will now be unlocked.


In all cases Alcatel unlocks are permanent and the phone will remain unlocked even after a software update or factory data wipe.